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Bird Dog Development Resources helps non-profit organizations and charities in Texas navigate a wide variety of research resources to find the right funding sources and prepare for fundraising. Helping non-profits of all sizes and types, Bird Dog has aided in securing over $5,000,000 in funds for organizations devoted to community service.

Research: Use resources to find the right fundraising prospectPlan: Plan your approach to fundraising using the right sourcesPursue: Follow the steps to secure the funds your charity needs

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“My information epiphany came to me when I was in library school. It was late at night and I was working on an assignment for my reference class in the government documents section of my university’s library. It seemed to me that I would never use these resources again and I was in a hurry to be done with Lexis Nexis Congressional Universe. Back at home, I hit submit on the assignment and went to bed.” — Founder, Bird Dog Development Research Resources

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