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Africa Wrap – UP: Swaziland

Welcome To The Kingdom of Swaziland October 21: We left Botswana, flew into Joburg, and then flew on to the Kingdom of Swaziland! Turns out that Swaziland is ruled by a monarchy, one of the only remaining monarchy’s in the world. The King of Swaziland, wanting to put his country on the map and one […]

Africa Wrap Up – Botswana

As Internet access in Botswana and Swaziland was spotty at best, I am only now writing about my experience of both countries and the excellent work that BIPAI is doing in them. These posts don’t begin to describe the full experience but hopefully hit the high points. I won’t miss those tiny little pieces of […]

Muli Bwanji?

This is a magic phrase in any language! “Muli bwanji?” is “how are you?” in Chichewa, the national language of Malawi. I learned this phrase today while touring the hematology oncology ward of the Baylor College of Medicine-Abbott Fund Children’s Clinical Centre of Excellence along with my Texas Children’s Hospital colleagues. Drs. Waswa and McKinney […]

Gathering Stories – Meeting New Friends

Since arriving in Lilongwe my senses have been on high alert. It is warm but not hot as it is spring moving into summer here. The air is often mingled with smoke. I asked about this and was told that fields are burned to prepare for planting. This takes place from August to the end […]

Malawi – the Warm Heart of Africa

We made it into Lilongwe, Malawi last night. It was great to sleep in a real bed! This morning we all woke up to a beautiful clear and sunny day. I now have a Malawian sun tan on my shoulders! Today, we visited a clinic providing essential healthcare to women about o deliver and to […]

It’s a Long Way to Joburg from Houston!

We are here! We are tired and we are looking forward to sleeping in a real bed tonight!  Already we’ve learned that even when you call your bank to say, “I will be traveling to Africa on a certain date. Please make note of that!,” that cards can be declined. We stayed in the solution. […]

Had fun staying awake in Frankfurt!

Our layover is super long and we are working to get adjusted to the time in this part if the world.  So!…we took the train from the airport into the city square. In the bridge above folks are observing the tradition of love locks ! Now back at the airport we are getting ready for […]

We Made It!

So our travel agent is a miracle worker! She got us a sweetheart deal on business class and it paid off big time for the first leg of our 32 hour journey. We were able to stretch out and collect our thoughts for our work ahead! Presently, my group is making sure that our tech […]


Preparations continue for Texas Children’s Hospital’s development team trip to Africa.  I’m working out the kinks for this blog to prepare and am inspired to give a BIG shout out to Aaron Baxter and Nhan Nguyen for getting me ready to share the details of our efforts in the southern part of the African continent. […]

Getting Ready For Africa

Texas Children’s Hospital has a worldwide focus on healing sick children.  On October 12, a group of TCH development of folks, including myself will be traveling to South Africa to work with the Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative at Texas Children’s Hospital.  I will do my best to write about our effort here.  Stay tuned!…