Family Tree Library

The Family Tree Library includes information about some of the best known philanthropic families of Texas and the Southwest region. Family branches are represented by “all-in-one” trees which are here presented in pdf form. Research for the creation of these collections was drawn from news sources, The Houston Social Directory, The Clayton Library for Genealogical Research (part of the Houston Public Library System), public
records searches, and numerous other resources. Great places to get some quick information on all of these famous families and more include: Houston History and The Texas State Historical Association.

In order to update these trees, increase the size of the library, and further the accuracy of
content for the entire library, please send new family trees, comments, and corrections to Barbara Shreffler at

The Cullen Family: Hugh Roy Cullen, while perhaps the best known member of this family was far from the only member to make the history books for his gifts to the region. His great great grandfather, Ezekiel Cullen fought in the Texas Revolution and started the first public schools in Texas. The Cullen Foundation’s web presence can be found at: Cullen PDF
Fondren Family: This family’s famous generosity began with Walter W. Fondren, Sr. who co-founded Humble Oil with Governor Ross Shaw Sterling. To find out more about the fabulous Fondrens, check out: Walter W. Fondren, Sr. Fondren PDF
The Rice Family has a truly colorful past. The eccentric and fabulously wealthy Howard Hughes was married to member of this clan for only a few months. William Marsh Rice, the founder of University, was murdered by his own butler! (its all true…his ashes are buried underneath his statue which everyday ignores the Fondren Library in order to gaze upon lovely Lovett Hall. Rice PDF
Brown Family: The Brown family is one of the greats in Houston. Its foundation includes family members still. Sarofims, Studes, and many other notable philanthropists are members of this family. Here is a link to the family foundation: Brown PDF
M.D. Anderson Family: M.D. Anderson died without having children although his family is quite large and generous to the needs of Houston. The M.D. Anderson Foundation is making contributions all over Texas. M.D. Anderson PDF
The Masterson Family: This family boasts some pretty well known actors as well as philanthropists. Mary Stuart Masterson, Pete Masterson, Carlyn Glenn etc. and of course the Harris Masterson family who donated their estate, Rienzi, to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Masterson PDF
The Sewall Family made significant contributions to Rice University and other Houston and Dallas organizations. Sewall PDF