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John Q. Prospect

Home Address: Use the links below to find the home address of your prospect.
The Ultimates
Harris County Appraisal District
Comptroller.Texas.Gov:  – This site provides information at the regional level for property appraisal and tax information by providing county contact information.
Political Giving:
Houston Social Registry
Business Address (These links are used to find business addresses.)
Houston Business Directory
D&B Regional Business Directory –
The Ultimates
Company website


1.) Address (These resources will help provide address information for your prospects.)

2.) Business Title/Employer (These resources provide information about your prospect’s business activity.)

3.) Education (These resources provide details about where your prospect attended college.)

4.) Children, relatives who attended/donate to our organization, hobbies, etc. (These resources may offer information about social activities and family members.)

Professional (These resources provide information about your prospect’s company activities.)

1.) Basic info. on the company

2.) Company financial information (These resources provide information about the financial status of your prospect’s company.)

3.) Other professional affiliations (These resources provide information about your prospect’s business affiliations.)


To turn research into actionable data, a conversation must take place. Many conversations will follow but the first one is critical. A researcher will either be responding to a request for information or proactively offering up information. In either case the discussion makes the data more relevant. Talking with your client about their research request helps define the actual need and focuses your work. Additionally, it helps the person requesting data think through what they want and what they will do with the information once received.

Proactively suggesting donors or offering up information relevant to your institution needs to be accompanied by your suggestions for using the information. Again, the dialog will help the people receiving the information formulate next steps if needed or understand the impact of the data on the organization.